Yellowfin Tuna Trips


NJ Yellowfin Tuna Trips

Year round Yellowfin Tuna Trips are our specialty.  We offer many types of Yellowfin Tuna Charters, from Live Bait, to Troll, chunk, and Jigging Yellowifn Tuna Trips.  We offer Yellowfin Tuna Charters in New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, and the Bahamas.  Our operation fishes for Yellowfin Tuna year round.  Our Yellowfin Tuna Charters are run by professional crews, with years of experience on the water, with top notch Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Tackle.   You will have to look hard to find an operation that catches more bluefin and yellowfin tuna, year in and year out.  Our boats run more Yellowfin Tuna Trips than any other type of fishing trip we do.  Come let us help make your next Yellowfin Tuna Charter, one to remember.  Also, you might consider our Bluefin Tuna Trips.

Allison Yellowfin Tuna TripsNJ Yellowfin Tuna Trips

In NJ our Yellowfin Tuna Trips begin in late June. The Yellowfin Tuna typically are the first to show and we can troll for them, chunk, jig, or a combination of all of the above. Our New Jersey Yellowfin Tuna Charters are top notch and we have a habit of putting a lot of fish in the boat! We offer Yellowfin Tuna Trips ranging from 12 to 46 Hours, so we have a host of options for dedicated Yellowfin Tuna Charters.  Normally we depart around 4am on our Yellowfin Tuna Charters, returning about the same time that afternoon. The run to the Yellowfin grounds ranges from 40 to 80 miles, and our 12 hour yellowfin tuna trips mostly fish inside the canyons in 30 to 50 fathoms. For a canyon yellowfin tuna charter, we recommend our 16 hour or 22 hour canyon tuna trips. They allow us enough time to get to the canyons, typically a 70 mile run, and still have plenty of fishing time. The 12 hour yellowfin tuna fishing trips are primarily inshore yellowfin fishing trips, and some years, we do well inside the canyons.  Each year is different, and what makes yellowfin tuna charters here in New Jersey so exciting.

yellowfin Tuna TripsMaryland Yellowfin Tuna Trips

A short run out of Ocean City, Maryland will place you smack in the middle of some of the hottest yellowfin tuna action on the East Coast. The Yellowfin Tuna Trips typically start in mid to late June, and run through October.  We Troll and chunk for Yellowfin Tuna off the MD coast. Some times the run on our MD Yellowfin Tuna Charters is only 30 miles, and on other days it may be 50 or 60 to teh Yellowfin Tuna Grounds. Ocean City, Maryland offers arguably, the best access to the world class Yellowfin Tuna Fishing off the mid-atlantic states. The canyons and inshore structure off of the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland can be truly awesome. From May till November, we'll be fishing for all species of tuna, marlin, sharks, dolphin and wahoo. A Sport Fishing charter trip out of Ocean City, Maryland is sure to be a trip to remember.


NC Yellowfin Tuna TripsNorth Carolina Yellowfin Tuna Trips

Dedicated Yellowfin Tuna Trips
Hatteras, NC

$300 per person  - Open Dates Available for Single Spots on Yellowfin Tuna Charters

Come get in on hot Yellowfin Bite where it all starts. Beginning in February, we expect the NC Yellowfin Tuna Fishing to pick up and be in full swing by mid to late March. The Yellowfin Tuna here are typically 30 to 70 pounds. We try to find the fish trolling, then get on top of them and hook them up jigging. This is probably one of the best opportunities around to target BIG fish on light jigging gear. When and if the Yellowfin don't cooperate, we can often find Bluefin, Blackfin, Dolphin, and/or Billfish. This is the great thing about Hatteras Tuna Fishing, we have OPTIONS HERE! We live-biat, troll, jig, and pretty much do whatever it takes to make your NC Yellowfin Tuna Trip one to remember. Spots are limited, so please call ASAP if you'd like to reserve a spot on a split charter. We have accommodations right at our marina, walking distance to the boat!  Please sign up for our open seating Yellowfin Tuna Charters below



Open Boat Bluefin Tuna TripsOver Under Adventures runs frequent open seating yellowfin tuna charters, giving small groups of anglers the opportunity to team up on yellowfin tuna trips and split the expense with other anglers. We maintain a mailing list to let everyone know when we add new yellowfin tuna trips. We run open boat yellowfin fishing trips in Hatteras, NC, Ocean City, MD and New Jersey.  Please join our mailing list to get on one of our split charters or open tuna trips.  Reservations are required and typically these yellowfin tuna trips are planned 1-3 months in advance.

Yellowfin Tuna Trip Types
10 Hour Yellowfin Tuna Trips - For short trips, best bet is North Carolina, where the run is short
12 Hour Yellowfin Tuna Trips - Either NJ or NC will work on our 12 Hour trips, although sometimes 12 is too short in the North East
16 Hour Yellowfin Tuna Trips - Standard, day Yellowfin Tuna Trip to the NJ Canyons
22 Hour Yellowfin Tuna Trips - Standard Overnight Yellowfin Tuna Trip in either NJ, MD, or NC
46 Hour Yellowfin Tuna Trips - The MAD Daddy of all Yellowfin Tuna Trips.  38 Hours of non stop Yellowifn Tuna Fishing